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Do you have a Dangerous DayDream?

What is Dangerous DayDreaming? It is using your unique daydreams to help you move forward. Let them help you send your life spiraling happily in the direction you want to go. When you let yourself have a Dangerous DayDream, you are giving yourself permission to break out of your comfort place. It is dangerous, and Read More

Tell Me your passion

Tell Me Your Passion

                                         Tell me your passion Tell me what you do that makes you happy. Tell me what is at your creative center.   Not the should be’s, need to’s, or have to’s but the stuff that Read More

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How Do I Play?

I have been asked, how do you play? What is your creative play? Most days, I play with words. I love playing with my camera. I have an awesome Cannon that I use, plus my very trust-worthy, been dropped more than I count, iPhone 4 for taking pictures. I LOVE trees, pathways, flowers, beaches and Read More

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Come Join the 10~10 Challenge

Follow the link below to request an invite! https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheCreatingRoom1010Challenge/

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Are you Ready for a Challenge?

Are you? The Creating Room has just the challenge for you. I posted a few days ago on being creative in ten minutes. (Here). Now here is the official challenge. I want you to come join me in diving into creative play for 10 minute for 10 days!  Starting March 21st to March 30th, I Read More

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All You Need to Begin!

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.” ~Goethe So many times I hear people say that they could not do this creative project, or write, or paint because they don’t have the time. Being creative requires too much commitment. Sometimes, they never start or Read More

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Winding Road

Take the long and winding road through the green hills to my house Come sit on my porch with me, I’ll make you lemonade and you can hold my hand I like the way we sit together…sitting here counting stars Tell me what it will be like…growing old with you Take the long and winding Read More

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When the Muse Naps

I was doing it! I was blogging faithfully. Happily spilling words across the keyboard. I was also editing photo’s, looking at the possibility of my own business, planning workshops, and crafting. In all my exuberance, I also began blogging at BlogHer’s. Creativity and inspiration were abundant. Then, life set in. Three children’s birthdays. More hours Read More

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Creative stumbling

Something wonderful happens when you open yourself up to seeking creativity. You find creative inspiration often when you aren’t really looking for it. You can be cruising through Facebook, or stumbling through the web, flipping magazines open, or scanning daily news, but because you have made a conscious decision to seek out more creative opportunities, Read More

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Inner Critic, Fired.

It is very late. Almost midnight. I have just 20 minutes to check my post and actually post it before the day ends. But I will do it. I promised that I would bring myself each day and write. I had a few ideas ready to go. After spending hours looking through job ads, reading Read More